Remembrance Day Campaign

The Remembrance Day campaign was made up of in rink and online elements. The in rink elements included a jumbotron slide, a lower ring slide and a player's entrance slide. All of these were showcased leading up to the game. The online elements included multiple ads for the London Free Press website.

Movie Poster

April Showers Poster
April Showers Poster

When Fanshawe received an order of new umbrellas, I thought about how to market them in a way that would make college students more interested in buying them. Almost every college student goes to the movies, so I thought why not design a makeshift movie poster. The theme for the poster would be a horror movie due to the gloom that surrounds the rain and the month of April. Next I thought of what to use as a hook on the poster and ended up using a question as it makes the audience think about what you've asked them.