Layout Design


A client came to me wanting to create a badge concept for the 2011 Scouting World Jamboree that was taking place in Sweden. They came to me with the original concept, after talking about the overall design and concept the final design came to be. When the following Scouting World Jamboree came up, the client returned asking for a badge with two slightly different variations to it. The fourth photograph ended up being the design that the client went with because of the cost effective variation change.


When I first started working at the Retail Services department at Fanshawe College I was given the opportunity to pitch a new product to our buyer. Since Fanshawe College has a lot of international students as well as students who are not originally from London I thought that postcards would be a good product to introduce. The designs that I came up with were simple and fell in line with Fanshawe’s brand essence. The last design that I created helped celebrate Fanshawe College’s 50th Anniversary.