My name is Nicole and I have a passion for design. More specifically, creating something tangible from an idea in someone’s mind; whether that’s my own or someone else’s. For this reason (and a hatred for complex mathematics), I became a graphic designer and not an architect. In 2017 I earned my Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design from Fanshawe College. My passion for my craft plus a desire to not be in debt lead me to working throughout college. During my final year I was working part-time at a factory, at the college in the Retail Department as a graphic designer, and I also found time to complete a voluntary internship with the London Knights – which combined my love of design and hockey.

Since completing my traditional education, I have continued to learn and grow throughout various industries as a graphic designer. For example, I know more about the kinds of plumbing materials than I care to admit and how different materials are more effective in different regions due to weather, soil conditions, etc. Through all this I’ve learned how to effectively market products to demographics that I wasn’t necessarily familiar with. I believe that there’s always something new to learn, and every experience is an opportunity to grow.

Most times I can be found with headphones on or music playing. Other than designing, music is how I express myself, it is also how I get through life. Music is like design, we create things that touch people’s hearts and can also make people look at things in other, sometimes unexpected ways. To me, the two go hand in hand which is one of the reasons that I’m almost always listening to music when designing. I understand that not everyone works that way which is why headphones were invented.