Fanshawe College

Product Line

This is a project that I took and ran full speed ahead with while working at the Retail Services department at Fanshawe College. I got the chance to design a fresh new line of products that showcased the essence of the college. I researched what Fanshawe College stood for from when it opened in 1967 up until present day. One thing that kept coming up was the phrase “unlocking potential” so I decided to utilize that phrase in the new design. To keep the new design up to date, I included the Northstar.


While at Fanshawe I was asked to come up with new mechanizing ideas. One of my ideas was to come up with a line of postcards since a lot of the students would be away from home for the first time. Fanshawe also has a large number of international students so it seemed like a good fit.

Promotional Material

When Fanshawe received an order of new umbrellas, I thought about how to market them in a way that would make college students more interested in buying them. Almost every college student goes to the movies, so I thought why not design a makeshift movie poster. The theme for the poster would be a horror movie due to the gloom that surrounds the rain and the month of April. Next I thought of what to use as a hook on the poster and ended up using a question as it makes the audience think about what you’ve asked them.